How To Use FRSLinkCheck

I have never used FRSLinkCheck. Where do I start?
I know how to use FRSLinkCheck, but I have a specific question.

How To Use This Documentation Center

Information about how text is annotated in this Documentation Center.
What are the definitions of some of the words used in FRSLinkCheck?

How To Find Information in This Documentation Center

How do I find a specific page that I've read before?
How do I find a word in this Documentation Center?

Miscellaneous Topics

How do I contact you for support, comments, or questions? (also contains privacy policy)
What are the recent changes made in FRSLinkCheck?
View the latest end user license agreement under which FRSLinkCheck is released.
This Documentation Center applies to FRSLinkCheck version 4.0. Content last updated on August 19, 2014.

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