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What is FRSWebSpell?

FRSWebSpell is a software tool that performs spell checking of words shown in your own web pages. Typos can be distracting or even misleading to your web site's visitors. By verifying the spelling of text appearing on your web site, you present a much more professional site to your visitor, and you show that you care about his or her experience.

How Do I Use FRSWebSpell...

initial screen

The first time you run FRSWebSpell, you will see the Project Settings window. In it you set the specifics about your web site project.

There are only two pieces of information that FRSWebSpell needs to get started. First, enter the name of your web site project (this name will be used to identify a button on the left side of the main window, so that you can distinguish between projects).

The second piece of information FRSWebSpell needs is the location of the files that make up this web site. It is presumed that you have a copy of those files on your computer or on a computer connected to your network. You will need to select the directory that contains the web site's home page file (e.g. "index.html", "home.php", etc.).

The other settings, which dictionaries to use and any custom filters that you might want to set up can be ignored initially. You can always come back and adjust those to fit your needs.

Once set up, FRSWebSpell automatically finds all the words that are visible to the visitor of those web pages (words inside of HTML tags themselves are ignored, as are HTML comment lines). It spell checks each word and shows you which ones it could not find in one or more dictionaries. You can then ignore those words, add them to your custom dictionary, or correct them and apply the changes back to the HTML web pages. You can use FRSWebSpell for your public web sites as well as internal Intranets.

In the screen capture below we discovered that we misspelled "stagnant". After selecting the word "stagnent" in the Unrecognized Words list, a suggestion appears in the Suggestions list. We selected "stagnant", which then populated the with edit field below. It is then just a simple matter of pressing the Replace button to replace that word in the file or files that are checked in the Files Containing Word list. This is the basic operation of FRSWebSpell. It is intuitive and easy to use.

application in action


FRSWebSpell comes with its own dictionary of over 92,000 U.S. English words. You can add words you consider to be correct to the FRSWebSpell custom dictionary. Additionally, FRSWebSpell can use the custom dictionaries you might already be using with Microsoft® Word® and/or Mozilla's Thunderbird.

If you decide that a particular word is spelled correctly, you can select into which custom dictionary that word should be stored. So, if, for example, you elect to use your Microsoft® Word® custom dictionary, any words you add to this dictionary via FRSWebSpell will then also become recognized by Microsoft® Word® itself. This is a handy feature if you prefer to maintain one master list of your own words.

Additionally, you can fully edit the content of any of the custom dictionaries directly from within FRSWebSpell.

Each project can have its own selection of dictionaries you want to use for spell checking the text in that project.

Foreign language dictionaries, i.e. non-U.S. English dictionaries, are currently not directly supported by FRSWebSpell. However, you can create a Microsoft® Word® custom dictionary and copy to it a collection of foreign language words. You can then select that custom dictionary to be used by FRSWebSpell for one of your web site projects. Details on how to do that are described elsewhere in this Documentation Center.

For How Long Can I Use the Free Version?

status bar trial period days remaining

FRSWebSpell comes with a 21-day trial period during which you can use the full functionality of the application for free. There are no restrictions during that time period. When the free trial period is over, you must purchase a license to continue to use the application. All of the projects you have set up during the free trial period will still be there after you have paid for your license. The status bar, as shown here, indicates how many days you have remaining in your free trial period.

How Do I Get the Latest Version?

You can always download FRSWebSpell directly from the Fourth Ray Software web site. However, FRSWebSpell automatically checks to see if a new version has been released each time you run it, if you have enabled that option (by default it is enabled), and you have an active Internet connection. When a new version has been found, it will be downloaded, and you will be notified of the automatic upgrade when you close the application. Making sure you are always up-to-date is both free and easy!

status bar upgrade download

When an upgrade is being downloaded, a download icon appears in the status bar (see screen capture on the right). Note that you can close the application at any time. If an upgrade was in the process of being downloaded, the application will stop and try again the next time you run it.

status bar upgrade ready

When the download has completed, the icon will change to one showing a sun (see screen capture on the right). At that point the application will be upgraded when you close it.

If for some reason you wish to disable automatic upgrading, click on the "FRSWebSpell | Settings..." menu command in the application, select the "Upgrades" entry in the Settings list, and click to remove the check mark of the Enable automatic upgrading, when available option.

How Do I Enable the Paid-for Version?

If you have paid for a license for FRSWebSpell, you can enter the serial number you were sent via the "FRSWebSpell | Enter Serial Number..." menu command. This menu command is only available in trial versions of the application. Once you purchase your license, and enter the serial number we sent you, your version will be a "paid-for" version, and this menu command goes away.

When you click the "FRSWebSpell | Enter Serial Number..." command, the Enter Serial Number window appears. You need to enter the serial number you received from us. If you received an e-mail from us with the serial number, then highlight the number in the e-mail, copy it to the Windows Clipboard (Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut), and paste it into this field (Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut). Then press the OK button to have FRSWebSpell verify the serial number. If you received it in printed form, enter it exactly as it appears. If it is valid, the application will switch to a "paid-for" version, which you can verify by clicking on the "FRSWebSpell | About..." menu command.

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